I left my heart in San Fransisco

Way back in June, I went to Northern California for the first time 
(Not technically the first time, I've drive through it before, but this was the first time I actually visited it, so I'm counting it as the first time.)
I road tripped down with my roommate and another friend for one of our best friend's wedding. 
It was a short, but lovely trip. Especially since I slept for 70% of the drive. 

The architecture there is so beautiful - everything. Even the houses. 

Cliche photo in front of the golden gate bridge with my favorite new roommate. It was so windy. 

Proof. Long hair problems.
Also, sometimes I get tired of smiling. 

The beautiful Oakland temple where Sarah and Bruce got married.

And a photo with the happy couple themselves!

Called to Serve.

My little brother has left to serve a mission for 2 years for our church. (Click here for more information!) He is currently training in Mexico City, learning Spanish and how to teach the gospel, and from there he will go to the Paraguay Asuncion mission.

I miss this boy so much already but I am so proud of him.

He was set apart by our Stake President at 8 pm on Monday night, and then Sunday morning at 4am we dropped him off at the airport.

I will be updating his blog (here) with his weekly letters if you want to keep up to date on his adventures!

Family Photos

Way back in December, we took some family photos. Half a year later, here they are. 

My parents are the cutest. I love my sweet family.


I went home 4th of July weekend, and, as always. It was lovely.
Day one we went to the Del Mar Fair. The only reason I go to the fair is for the food. Deep fried everything and the best cinnamon rolls I've ever eaten in my life.

My brother likes to be adventurous in his food choices. This year he got a pulled pork sandwich in a krispy kreme doughnut. Yuck.

She's happy, I promise. I don't know why she insists on making such ridiculous faces.

We also went to my favorite place in the world, La Jolla.

This picture cracks me up, she's just so focused. 

Sarah & Bruce Engagements

Bruce and I have been best friends since sophomore year. Then junior year, he met Sarah, and started dating her, so naturally, she and I became best friends. Then they got engaged, and then they got married.  And I am just now posting their engagements, that I took back in the middle of winter. All of their engagements were taken in downtown Provo, just on Center Street, because all of nature was dead and ugly. So we used buildings as backdrops.